{ Laura + Mark }

I’m sure most couples, when having a winter wedding, hope for lightly falling snowflakes, balmy weather and sunshine. Laura + Mark (and the rest of the wedding party and I) did not expect a full on blizzard and ice cold temperatures! But that’s what we got a few weeks ago when they tied the knot. I honestly can’t thank the wedding party enough for going in and out of the cold and embracing (well…as best they could) the blowing snow blizzard that was upon us! Despite all of the crazy weather, I feel the snow definitely added to the day and the photos capture the SNOWMAGGEDON that was upon us! We started the photos early and the day ended with a early evening ceremony, which was so intimate and cozy and everything went right into dinner, speeches and dancing. What a great day to celebrate such a fun couple! Thanks guys for including me and congratulations!

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  1. Heidi Steiner says:

    Laura…these are sooooo beautiful! The snow makes these pictures even more awesome. You look GREAT! Congratulations :-)

    Heidi Steiner

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