{ Kyla + Jason’s Viva Las Vegas Wedding! }

WELL, where to begin with this one!! I have known Jason for many years and thankfully Kyla once the two of them starting dating. They are those friends I wish still lived in Thunder Bay! I have always felt a connection to these two, I think because their easy going attitude and love reminds me of the relationship I have with my husband. Regardless, it was always kind of a thing that every time I would see them at a friends wedding, I would take a photo of them. As the years went on it was mentioned that the day they got married, it would be in Vegas, and I was to be there to photograph the event. Of course, when the two of them got engaged, I was super pumped when the plan fell into place! My ultimate dream to photograph in the Neon Museum came true when Kyla + Jason agreed that we MUST shoot there. Honestly, it’s probably the coolest place in Vegas. I’m not really much for gambling or partying, but I am slightly obsessed with old signage, colour and the desert…so you can see that this place is the fuel to fuel my fire. The Neon Museum didn’t disappoint, and even though we had to get up super early to do a morning shoot there, the tiredness was forgotten when we got there!

So….what’s a wedding day without a bed jump!?

We then met both of their families on Freemont Street, an older neighbourhood of Vegas. Both of their families are so fun, it was wonderful to spend some time there being goofy, and drinking of out giant footballs (them, not me!). Then it was off to the chapel to see them get married by Elvis….WHAT!? Yeah, and he even walked Kyla down the aisle, while singing one of his famous songs. I love the quirkiness that Kyla + Jason possess. Nothing is too silly or ridiculous. Their whole theme of the wedding was FUN. And boy oh boy, was it ever! As they walked out of the chapel their family and friends cheered as their names were sprawled across a giant light up sign for all to see!

To end off the festivities before dinner, we stopped at the Las Vegas welcome sign, a classic that couldn’t be missed. Congratulations Kyla + Jason. Thank you for asking me to attend your wedding and capture some amazing moments! Viva Las Vegas!

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